20+ Tips and Tricks of Xiaomi Mi A1

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More than 20 tips and tricks of Xiaomi Mi A1
Tips and tricks of Xiaomi Mi A1 that you should know!

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Hello, guys, Namaste, welcome to androtrix, I recently obtained the Xiaomi mi a1 – the device with Android from Xiaomi and in this video I'm going to show you some tips and tricks of it,

Disable Google screen
I am sure that when people buy this device, most of them will want to remove the Google page from the left side, and for that you have to keep the start screen pressed, go to the configuration and deactivate it.

Deactivates the vibration of the navigation bars
(Sound – other sounds – vibrates when playing)
Another thing I would like to disable is the vibration in the navigation bars, I do not know about you, but I really find it irritating. To deactivate those vibrations, just go to settings, sounds, other sounds and disable the vibration by touching

Configuration of gestures to turn on the camera.
The camera of Xiaomi mi a1 is really amazing and the chances of you opening a camera in a day to click on something are damn high, therefore, they added a secret gesture where you can press the lock button twice and it will take you directly to the application of the camera. To enable it just go to the settings and then make gestures to enable it

Camera tricks

Facial unlocking, works perfectly
As Xiaomi my a1 is based on Android stock, you can enable the facial unlocking feature that has been there on Android for years, to allow you to go to the configuration, security and then click on Smart Lock, there you will find unlock facial so just select that and register your face. Once done, lock the screen and just look at it to unlock it

Swipe to receive notifications
One of my favorite features in Xiaomi mi a1 is the gesture control in the fingerprint scanner. You can toggle between going to settings, gestures and activating the slip for notification settings. Once this is done, you can swipe down on the fingerprint scanner on the back to get the notification bar down, you can do it again for extended notifications, 20 Tips and tricks of Xiaomi mi a1, Xiaomi mi a1 tricks , Tips and tricks of Xiaomi mi a1, 20 tips and tricks of Android Nougat, Xiaomi mi a1 Unique functions, Xiaomi mi a1 Tips and tricks, Secret features of Xiaomi mi a1, Unique functions of Xiaomi mi a1, Reasons to buy Xiaomi mi a1 , Videos Xiaomi mi a1, Tips and Tricks, Xiaomi mi a1, 20 tips and tricks of Xiaomi mi a1, tips and tricks of Xiaomi mi a1 slides up on the scanner and uploads. I am a great admirer of this feature and I would recommend that you definitely use it.

Battery percentage indicator

If you want the battery percentage indicator to be on your device, you must unlock the system's user interface tuner and, for that, simply go to the notification panel and click and hold the configuration icon. After a few minutes the new secret menu will appear in the configuration and from there you can enable the percentage of battery in your device.

Environmental screen

Enable the Assistant

Change the ringtone of your device!
To change the ring tone of your device, you will first have to install the ES file browser from the Play Store. Once this is done, you should go to the phone application, settings, sound and click on the phone ringtone and select Is File Explorer. Now find the music file you want to set as the ringtone.

Clear cache data to free up space

Drag the notification with 2 fingers

Fixing screen to block your content from others

Spilled screen

Change applications quickly

Use icons shortcuts
Another trick to use the phone more efficiently is the icon shortcut, this is like the 3D touch of the iPhone, where you can get few options of the application directly on the screen before entering the application.

Change the notification icon fixes

The Pro mode of Xiaomi mi a1 does not allow you to take long exposures, however, you can do so by downloading the Camera fv5, in which you can change the shutter speed to 5 and lower the ISO to 100, the. Click on the image of the light rail and you will get this amazing image that people will not believe is taken on the smartphone!

Video credits to AndroTrix YouTube channel

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20+ Tips and Tricks of Xiaomi Mi A1

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