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Indian retail unit of Moto M, reviewed by Gizmothon. I'm planning to release a video in Hindi as well. 🙂 Sign up to be notified.

The Moto M is the first monoblock metal device of Moto. The phone looks really premium and feels great to hold in your hand. This is a very common late design, antenna bands at the top and bottom, all new gold and front. It is very reminiscent of most budget phones out there. Curved back and 7.9mm thickness, make it easy makes it easy to hold the device. The slim bezels give you a 73.1% screen / body ratio, which is the same as OnePlus 3. The Moto M is not very slippery, but it is advisable to have an attached case. Chamfered edges on the sides add to the asthetics of the device as well. In general, the phone in terms of design is very attractive, its premium and pleasing to the eye.

The fingerprint scanner is in the back that used to be the place for the dimple of Moto, which we all love. I like this more than recent motorcycle phone designs with the square fingerprint scanner on the front. It is very easy to set up, but there is a delay by delay when trying to unlock the device, which I did talk in the video unboxing too. This is a software bug and Moto must fix it in the future update.

The screen is a 5.5 "IPS LCD screen with Full HD resolution The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass but the version is unknown The screen is vibrant with good saturation, good viewing angles and quite bright The screen is exceptional Good and not really It feels like a screen from a mid-range device. The outdoor visibility of the screen is also on par with most of the good exhibits out there. The video really does not do justice to how good the screen in life Real is seen Being a user of the Amoled screen for more than 4 years now, I have no complaints with this screen. Look at the comparison of the screen with the OnePlus 3T.Te I will rate this a 9.5 / 10

In the software department, the phone is on Android 6.0, but Lenovo has promised to upgrade to 7.0 soon. The phone does not have any of the features of Moto like motorcycle assistance, motorcycle viewing and so on. Not seeing those on this device was a big disappointment. In case that Lenovo plans not to have those features in the future in the next bike devices, Moto will only be another brand of phone and have nothing unique. The operating system as always is completely stock with almost no customization. I would have liked to see a certain amount of customizations like the fingerprint scanner gesture or at least the double touch to wake up gesture. Almost every phone out there has such personalization features. However, the software is really stable, it's super fast, responsive and I did not notice any hiccups in the last ten days of my use. I'll give this a 8.5 / 10

For a detail of the execution of the specifications and design, take a look at the video unboxing here –

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Video credits to Gizmothon YouTube channel

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Moto M Review – India | Lenovo or Moto?

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