Nokia 6 (2018) vs HTC U Play

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Nokia 6 (2018) vs HTC U Play Smartphones
Nokia 6 (2018)
Nokia 6 2nd Generation, the phone will be available exclusively for purchase in China for $ 230.Nokia 6 review.

Unlike the previous Nokia 6 model that includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa-core processor, 2nd Generation comes with an improved Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 octa-core 2.2GHz CPU.

The new Nokia 6 2nd Gen comes in two variations: 32 GB and 64 GB. Both versions include 4 GB of RAM. The first costs $ 230, while the latter will sell for around $ 245 in full. Both can already be booked in China, but will only arrive on the shelves on January 10. Nokia 6 release.

Another difference between the two Nokia 6 smartphones is that the new model includes OZO audio recording, an advanced space audio technology with 3D capture and playback capabilities. It offers high-fidelity 360-degree sound captured with the smartphone.

Nokia 6 camera
There are no changes when it comes to photography functions, since both phones have the same configuration: 16 megapixel rear camera and 8 megapixel selfie snapper. Even so, the new Nokia 6 2nd Gen adds the Bothie mode that only comes with the Nokia 7 and Nokia 8.

Also, since Nokia 6 2nd Gen does not come with a physical start button like the previous model, the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back of the phone. It has the same 5.5-inch screen with Full HD resolution (1080p)

Unfortunately, the same thing happens with the software since HMD did not include Android Oreo in the new Nokia 6 2nd Gen. However, although the smartphone is shipped with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, HMD promised that an Oreo update will be released soon. Nokia 6 2nd generation

HTC U Play
HTC U Play is an elegant mid-range Android phone designed to impress with design and functionality. Its front and back are made of individual glass sheets, with a metal frame that joins the outside. Another key selling point is the integrated HTC Sense Companion, an artificial intelligence assistant developed to provide suggestions, suggestions and alerts proactively. This is combined with two microphones always on, which allows the HTC U Play to respond to voice commands. One disadvantage: there is no headphone jack in U Play. Instead, it uses USB-C headphones that can be adapted to the structure of the user's ear using ultrasonic technology.

Video credits to TechSpace YouTube channel

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Nokia 6 (2018) vs HTC U Play

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